AK-Interactive 038 "New and Improved" FAQ 2 LIMITED EDITION (english)

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A completly new book with many new technqiues like the Modulation Style, Streaking effects, Salt technique and Hairspray technique.
A improved step by step guide explaining all weathering techniques such mud, dust, rust, chipping, oil , fuel and chapters like composition in dioramas, terrains, vignettes and much more. The definitive modelling guide where you will find many different examples explaining the same technique. More than 1400 color photos and over 300 pages explaining all new technqiues and some of the classic ones.


Just one year ago, the FAQ 2 book was released in 6 different languages, and right now, almost all editions have sold out. Thousands of copies were sent too many countries, from USA to Japan, from Russia to Lebanon. This is a large success for an expensive book. This means that many people were waiting for it and I am happy to have made it 2 years ago. During this year I made many trips to different countries and I have spoken with many of you, the readers. All have told me that they are very happy with this book. I saw how many of you used it as reference for many steps and some of you shared very good comments about FAQ 2 with me. However, some of the readers also shared with me some critical feedback regarding the size of the photos and I took note of it. To me the most important aspect was to provide you a good guide for a good price. This book is really thick, and the paper used is one of the best available. This means that the cost of the whole product became higher to maintain quality. So, in the first edition I was forced to limit the number of pages to the minimum to keep a low price, I hope you can understand this point.

The FAQ 2  has sold out too fast, and now I have received instructions to reprint it. This was the opportunity I was waiting for so that I could improve the book. In an AK Interactive meeting, we decided to reinvent the entire book, spending a lot of time on designing a new layout process plus new printing. More pages were needed as a way to enlarge the photos without reducing contents. Almost the only complaint from some customers was the size of the photos, so we focused our efforts to improve this aspect of the new FAQ. But also we decided to improve the colors and contrast of many pictures to make them more clear and sharp. Finally, we added a stronger double cover and I have updated the final chapter of the book with postcards from many of you guys, the modelers who give me the energy and inspiration to do my work each day. This small final chapter is my tribute to all of you, a way to give you thanks for supporting me in everything that I make.

So, here is the new version?.with more pages, bigger and better photos, and updated information. The updated FAQ 2 is the same price as the original, because I prefer to reduce our margin rather than to add an unaffordable price. We hope you can appreciate this effort from our side. AK Interactive would like to payback the modelers of the world for what you have done for us.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it. I would like to thank all of you, especially all those who I meet in each model show which I visit. You are helping me to improve everything I make. And now, please?open the book and start painting models. The entertainment starts now.

Mig Jimenez

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