Modellers World W017 Dried Blood

W017 Dried Blood - Image 1
Producent: Modellers World
Produktkode: MDW-W017
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Grundlæggende oplysninger

ProducentModellers World
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Recommended use:

  • Old dried blood on figurines, uniforms, dioramas

  • Perfect for making wounds and cutting figures, even small scales

High quality, ideally diluted oil paint to perform the "wash" technique on the surface of the model. Longer drying than in the case of enamel allows for maximum control and stress-free work with the model. Modellers World Oil Washes contain only the highest quality components: fade-resistant pigments and thinners that strongly increase capillarity - the ability to spreading the paint. Oil Wash quickly and accurately fills and flows details, enabling a very precise "pin wash" and creating interesting effects as a general wash. Nice smell makes work with the product more pleasant. Each bottle contains a dropper for application and a steel ball for quick mixing.


Shake before use. Pre-painted model must be secured with acrylic varnish - satin or gloss. To emphasize the details, touch the slits, seam-lines and protruding points using brush and allow the paint to melt along the detail. Leave to dry for about 20-30 minutes. Wipe the excess across the cavities with a cotton swab or paper towel moistened with the “Oils Thinner & Cleaner”. You can also flood without wiping the surface of the model with paint in places where you want to imitate streaks and sediments. In this case, use Oil Wash on a matt varnish.

Made in Poland.

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Tilføjet til kataloget: 13.1.2022
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